Open Kwikerect shelving is the most economic, basic, and functional steel shelving design we offer for general purpose storage. An open design allows easy access of any item stored within, and cross braces on the back and sides provide extra safety and support for whatever it is you need to store.

18″ Deep units

24″ Deep units

Our Sturdy Kwikerect Units 

It is unavoidable to have a lot of things inside your home. Oftentimes, some are stored in boxes and placed in the attic or basement. If you are looking for the best shelf to store your stuff, you should definitely go with open 5-shelf Kwikerect units.   

Open Kwikerect units are the most economic and functional shelves offered by Shelving Depot. With its open design, you can easily access any stored item. It is also sturdy and easy to clean. Most Kwikerecct units have cross braces that provide extra safety and support.  

There are two variants available. The 18” and 24” deep unit which can be used for industrial and commercial use. To adjust the shelves without the dismantling unit, you just need to turn the bolts. What makes Kwikerect shelving system different from others is that it has an adjustable compression clip.  

Most of our units are also known for their versatility and flexibility. The best thing is that you can also buy additional steel shelves at a discounted price. Here are the other products we offer: 

  • EasyUp 5000 shelving
  • 18″ Deep x 74″ High units
  • 18″ Deep x 86″ High units
  • 24″ Deep x 74″ High units
  • 24″ Deep x 86″ High units
  • EasyUp 7000 shelving
  • 18″ Deep x 72″ High units
  • 18″ Deep x 84″ High units
  • 24″ Deep x 72″ High units
  • 24″ Deep x 84″ High units

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Decluttering might be overwhelming especially if there is a lot of stuff. To make it easier for you, here are some tips to effectively declutter: 

Take Everything Out 

There is nothing wrong with taking everything out. In this way, you can easily see the things you need to throw or keep. It seems messy at first but it is the fastest way to sort things. 

Make a Plan 

Before you start decluttering, it is better to make a plan first. It is recommended to categorize or make a list of things to keep. This makes decluttering less messy. 


The best way to get rid of things is to donate. However, make sure that the things you donate are still usable and not used and abused. Some of the things that you can donate are clothes, blankets, pillowcase, toys, and many more.  

Ask Yourself 

It is important to ask yourself if you are still going to use it. Obviously, if the answer is no, get rid of it. Do not think twice to avoid keeping more things rather than getting rid of it. The only exception is that if it has a sentimental value.  

Now that you have already decluttered, it is time to place them in your open Kwikerect units. You can also use dividers to separate and categorize. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!