• Kwikerect shelving is an economical quality steel shelving system for office, industrial or commercial use.
  • Bolted and Boltless (easily adjustable compression clip type) shelving systems offer strength and durability and are ideal for warehouses and stockrooms.
  • Easily assembled and adjusted for changing requirements without dismantling the unit.
  • Individual accessories available to meet your specific storage needs.
  • Available in both open and closed style, shelving components are finished with rust inhibitor undercoating and a durable grey polymer powder coat finish.
  • The system can be engineered to support the load of high-rise installations or mezzanine floors.

Our Kwikerect Shelving System 

The best thing about Kwikerect shelving system is that you can easily assemble it. It is also known for its versatility and as an efficient storage tool. As a matter of fact, you also use this shelve to store file folders, bin boxes, or anything you could ever think of! 

Here are the advantages of using kwikerect shelving: 

The Versatility 

If you are a person who wants everything organized, you will definitely love the versatility of kwikerect shelving system. With its quality steel, it can be used in an office, industrial environment, or even for commercial purposes. 

Its Durability 

Even if you can easily adjust its compression clip, once locked, it won’t easily fall down or dismantle. The best thing is that you do not need to worry about using lots of bolts and screws. Since it is made of quality steel, it offers strength and durability that can last for how many years!

The Flexibility 

What makes this shelving system appealing is that you can easily assemble and adjust its shelves without totally dismantling the unit. If you want to change the position of the shelves, you can easily release the compression clip and attach it once again. 

Its Accessibility 

It is also ideal for those who have a lot of clutter. In fact, you can also use this in your pantry. With its wide area, you can easily store huge boxes and tall bottles. 

The Protection

The reason why this shelf can last for a long time is that it is made with durable grey polymer powder coat finish. This prevents rusts and other chemical substances from damaging the shelf. 

Its Variety 

It is both available in open and closed style. An open shelf means that there is no wood covering the sides of the shelf. Which means that the shelf is accessible in whichever side you are.  

On the other hand, a closed shelf means that the sides and the back of the shelf have a wood covering it. This simply means that the shelf is only accessible at its front side. 

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