Maintenance Tips for Metal Shelving

Maintenance Tips for Metal Shelving

A great storage system for your business and establishments is a great way to boost efficiency and organization. The Shelving Depot items are the perfect storage solution for every type of setting. Read on to know more about how you can maintain the quality of your metal shelving and use it for a long time. We will also share some advice on choosing the right shelving unit for you. 

Tips for Maintaining Metal Shelving In the Office

Most offices these days are using industrial shelving for their storage spaces. But we have to understand that offices and warehouse work floors are two opposing storage environments. Industrial shelves used on work floors are more prone to regular wear and tear and exposure to sizable debris and dirt.

No matter what setting they are used, industrial shelvings need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. This is to ensure that they can be used for a longer period. 

In this article, we would be focusing on how your office can preserve your metal shelving. When properly maintained, your metal shelving can last you for decades.

  • Choose a high-quality metal shelving unit for your office

Excellent quality goes a long way for metal shelving. Industrial shelving made with highly graded steel will only require a quick dusting from time to time. Investing in the best products will save you money and time.

Metal shelving that has gone through the galvanization or electroplating process will last you longer. So make sure you look for shelvings that had been manufactured this way.

  • Keep your metal shelving presentable

Metal shelving usually appears bulky and unsightly. For most office spaces, you must ensure that it is always presentable. Keeping it organized with the use of bin systems can improve how it looks. 

A clean and organized metal shelving unit can also look professional with proper and regular maintenance. Choosing the right type of shelving system will make your office appear more professional.

  • Check to see if your metal shelving has rust

This is one of the things you should look out for with metal shelving. It is the ultimate reason for its corrosion and eventual disposal. Rust is made up of iron oxides which occur when oxygen reacts with the iron present in water or air moisture.

When your metal shelving is kept in wet conditions for longer periods, it will surely rust. You must prevent the further buildup of rust at the first sign of it. Rust can occur on metal shelves that you’ve owned for a while. 

Using a vinegar solution is one of the best ways to remove rust. You can also use a wire bristle brush, steel wool or sandpaper to rub the loose rust off before applying the vinegar solution with a rag. Other great cleaning products are available in the market.

The best way to avoid rust is to keep your metal shelves dry. Place rubber caps on the base of your metal shelving if they will be placed on wet floors.

  • Have your metal shelving applied with a protective coat

Protective coating for metal shelves is great to prolong its lifespan. You can ask the store you’ve purchased from if this service is available.

  • Check for loose or damaged parts regularly

Replacements or spare parts are always available for metal shelving units. You can contact your storage solutions retailer for new components or parts. 

  • Control the humidity in your storage area

It is important to check the conditions of the area where your metal shelving will be installed. High humidity means more risk of rusting so place gel packets that can absorb moisture in the air. These are the packets placed in items that are shipped through sea vessels.

  • Fasten loose bolts

Loose bolts are prime spots for rusting to occur. It may take longer to notice, so it might be too late for any remedies. Always make sure all bolts and other parts are completely fastened.

Choosing the Right Shelving for Your Business

Any type of business will need an efficient and effective storage system. That’s why it’s important to know what kind of storage to purchase because it can save you a lot of money. The right industrial shelving can transform your storage space for the better. You can avoid experiencing storage issues in the future.

We have listed below the type of industrial shelving available in the market. We will also explain how each type can be used to expand your business’s overall storage capacity.

Wire shelving

Metal shelving is commonly used in the storage settings of most businesses. Wire shelving is considered the lightweight version of the metal shelving. The whole shelving is made up of wire mesh that is held up by its thick metal frame. Its small surface area is highly resistant to mould and rust. This type of shelving is used in places that demand clean and germ-free environments like science labs and restaurants. 

Make sure to place small items into large boxes because they might fall through the gaps in the wire decking. Wire shelves are best for holding or storing large items. The slim and lightweight look of wire shelvings can also look great for office use.

Rivet shelving

This type of shelving is easy to assemble and utilize. Among other industrial shelving types, rivet shelving is one of the most durable and reliable. What’s amazing about this shelving is how it uses gravity and interconnected rivets to hold up materials. That’s the reason it’s also called ‘boltless shelving’.

The rivets are fastened to the shelf, and it easily slides into the pre-built gaps on the shelving frame. Lock them into place by lightly hitting them with a rubber mallet. A little disadvantage for the rivet shelving is its appearance.

Mobile shelving

This type of shelving is popular for its obvious mobility. It is easy to move around because of its wheels that can go in any direction. This important feature of the mobile shelving makes it easier to use for storage spaces that need to be constantly arranged. You won’t have to worry about being injured. In terms of design, its features are similar to the rivet or wire shelving. 

Bin systems

The bin systems can be combined with wire shelves to improve your storage area. Storing small items in removable bins makes them easy to store, access and move around. If your business requires storage for small parts like nails, screws, or even medical supplies, this is the best solution for you. Bin systems are effective for organization and maintaining it.

Pallet racks

These are ideal for warehouses and businesses that use pallets for storage. These large, heavy-duty industrial shelves are durable and provide optimal support. Forklifts are used to store up items on these shelves. Pallet racks are designed to allow easy access and storage of bulky merchandise. Pallet racks can maximize your business’s storage potential.

Advantages of Industrial Shelving

  • It is durable.
  • It is affordable and cost-efficient.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is space-efficient.
  • It is open and accessible.
  • It is easy to assemble.

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