Shelving Depot: Other shelves we offer

Shelves are one of the most important household items that have been used for centuries by the people. They not only help you keep the place neat and tidy by storing various things like books, clothes, and countless other items, but also allows you to decorate and beautify your home.

Want something different aside from the metal shelves that we offer? Then you’re in the right place! Here on this page, we will provide you with the different shelves that you can purchase from us below.

Fixed Bracket Shelves (Suspended Shelves)

Fixed bracket shelves are known to be one of the oldest types of shelves that have been used for the last few decades. As the name states, this shelf consists of individual ‘brackets’ that are ‘fixed’ to a particular surface where the shelf has to be placed. Overall, the brackets are made of metal and look like an inverted L-shape. They are usually placed on a wall or any vertical surface. This can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, study or even offices, making them highly versatile. Not only are they available in different materials such as metal, wood, plastic and so on, but they also come in different styles—giving you the chance to pick what you want.

Floating shelves

Nowadays, floating shelves are one of the classiest and most stylish shelving systems. Also known as torsion-box shelves, these shelves are a great way to store your items in an organized manner and at the same time, turn them into unique and fascinating decoration pieces.

Similar to fixed bracket or suspended shelves, they also come in various designs and need to be secured to a wall or any other required surface. Another unique feature of floating shelves is that they are usually made of engineered wood that gives them a more refined and fancier finish. While it is a great storage option, floating shelves also prove to be a fine interior decoration.

Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves are one of the simplest simpler types of shelves in this list. With that said, however, they are highly functional as they provide an ample amount of storage space without providing a cluttered look. As the name states, these shelves are supposed to be  ‘built-in’ within corners or empty spaces of your house. 

Overall, if you want to maximize the storage space in your house, then built-in shelves are the best option for you. Additionally, since the storage space is big, you can also leave some space at the bottom to use for added functionality.

Corner Shelves

Many people do not realize this but corner shelves are actually a great way to capitalize on the storage space in your house. Additionally, these shelves come in a wide variety of styles and designs and can be customized according to your preferences.

They can either be made up of plastic, metal, solid wood, as well as engineered or laminated wood for longer life and greater durability. With this type of shelf, you can arrange your items in easily accessible locations due to its low structure design.

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