Best Use for Metal Shelving

Best Use for Metal Shelving

Planning to get metal shelving for your business, company or restaurant? Choosing the right one will last longer and help you save money. Read on to find out how you can use metal shelving as excellent storage solutions in your establishment.

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Industrial Metal Shelving and Its Advantages

Any type of businesses, warehouses, and other establishments need storage. If you don’t properly plan for it, problems will arise and may result in disorganized resources of any business.

Industrial metal shelving is the answer to that. These are durable and versatile solutions for any storage issues. The best thing about metal shelving is their affordability. Storage solutions should be inexpensive, but still have high quality.

  • It is affordable and cost-efficient.

As we’ve discussed before, these are inexpensive solutions for your storage needs. You can find something that will fit your budget. There are many manufacturers and brands out there with varying quality and base price points that will suit your needs.

Our store offers a wide selection of metal shelving products. We can guide you with the technical aspects like checking the quality of the metal used, the storage capacity, and weight capacity. Low cost doesn’t mean it is the best option for you.

  • It is durable.

Metal shelving units are built for extreme conditions. Industrial-grade metals are tougher than regular metal. With the right protective coating, industrial shelving can withstand extreme temperatures and wear and tear over the years.

A galvanized or painted finish will protect it from being badly damaged by forklifts and order pickers. Both can also properly prevent oxidation or corrosion. 

Each has its own pros and cons, but painted metal shelving has a more appealing appearance than galvanized ones. Paint is evenly coated on the metal through a dipping process, giving it a smooth surface.

On the other hand, galvanized metals are coated in zinc to avoid corrosion. But, the process is prone to produce rough spots on metals due to uneven coating.

  • It is versatile.

You can have your metal shelving bought and placed in your establishment as is, but there is also another option for businesses with more specific needs. You can work with storage designers to have them customize your shelving. 

This alternative may take time to be put up and cost more than just buying one, but it will make the best use of your space by taking every corner and height into account. The versatility of metal shelving provides you with options.

  • It is space efficient.

Speaking of space efficiency, they are considered the best possible storage solution. You can have them installed sideways or upwards, depending on your area. Be careful not to overload the shelves. Always check its weight capacity.

  • It is open and accessible.

Its open design makes it easy to see and access any item placed on it. Order pickers will have no trouble locating an item because you can arrange them easily and properly.

Searching for misplaced products will no longer be a problem. Since everything can be seen from a metal shelving, inventory can also be done faster. An organized inventory can result in an efficient work space.

  • It is easy to put up.

You must know that most metal shelving units need assembly when they arrive. Don’t worry because putting them up is easy and simple. Shelving manufacturers always provide a step-by-step manual you can quickly follow.

Rivets – which are permanent mechanical fasteners – are the only things required to put it together. Boltless rivet shelving is the easiest to put together. It can hold up to a maximum weight of 1,500 lbs. 

The combined single-rivet and double-rivet shelving also hold up to 1,500 lbs. because of the cross-beam and four rivets giving additional support.

If you don’t have the time to assemble, some warehouse products retailers can do the work for you. Our staff is ready to assist you with the assembly of your purchased metal shelving. Availing our additional services comes with a separate fee.

Popular Uses of Metal Shelving

As you have guessed by now, metal shelvings are used for storing. We give some examples of what to store on it and its other uses. 

  1. Heavy items

Metal shelving is designed to carry heavier weight than plastic shelving and other materials available. Stacking items higher creates more space and more square footage in your storage area. Large warehouses or commercial businesses use the pallet racking type of metal shelving. 

  1. Retail shelving and backroom organization

Using metal shelving is standard in the retail setting. It provides a great layout for visual merchandising. Products are easier to line up properly and arrange – giving it a clean and streamlined look. The benefits of bigger weight capacity and ventilation are a given for this type of storage.

Backroom organization is crucial for many retail stores. An organized backroom means doing inventories can be quick and simple. Metal shelving is the answer to hassle-free storage.

  1. Food storage in industrial kitchens

All commercial kitchens have metal shelving to store their food. Enclosed and warm storage is not good for food because there’s a higher possibility of spoilage and waste. The open design of metal shelving allows air to flow through, keeping food items fresh for longer periods of time.

Industrial and commercial kitchens also need quick access to their food products. That’s why they prefer the wire-type metal shelving. Office spaces also need food storage so the use of metal shelves are not limited to kitchen settings only.

  1. Business and long-term documents

Long-term documents are important records and paperworks your business has. These business documents need the right storage to be kept around longer. Metal shelves can handle tons of boxes of documents and keep them organized.

Having your documents arranged and accessible in one place makes for an efficient workplace.

  1. Industrial chemicals

Chemicals need durable storage. The integrity of metal shelving can prevent dangerous chemicals from contaminating a place or creating hazardous situations. Highly corrosive materials can be safely housed and stored away with the use of this storage.

  1. Cold storage

Designed to withstand colder temperatures, metal shelving can also be found inside industrial refrigerators of restaurants, groceries, labs, etc. Their flow-through ventilation system keeps items cold and there is less condensation buildup.

Different Places that Have Use for Metal Shelving

There are countless uses for metal shelving in any type of workplace.

  • Restaurants, hotels, and food manufacturing facilities with industrial kitchens

A proper storage should be able to provide a sterile environment for its stored items. Food kept in metal shelves will ensure the safety of your guests. Metal shelving is ideal for the numerous environments present in this type of setting.

  • Medical facilities

Storing medical supplies adheres to strict standards and guidelines. Metal shelving units are best for maintaining your storage space clean and germ-free.

  • Janitorial and maintenance facilities

Maintenance staff require a proper storage facility to do their job properly. Cleaning chemicals should also be safely stored to avoid spills or contamination. That’s why metal shelving is commonly used in this place.

  • Industrial factories

Factories need ideal storage for their bulky and heavy items. Metal shelves are designed for the ultimate support and long-term storage of big tools and parts.

  • Auto mechanic shops

Heavy hand tools and supplies, used in auto mechanic shops, would be great for metal shelving storage. Organizing huge items like tires are also made easy.

Our Goals

Here at Shelving Depot, we provide you with storage solutions that are specific and tailored to your needs. From customization to providing a wide range of quality shelving products, we can do it for you. We understand what you need.

This is why we continue to improve our brand by doing in-depth research on industry standards. We keep up with the latest technology to offer top-of-the-line items in our store. We welcome unique challenges to develop further our knowledge and system for storage solutions.

  • To become the leading storage solution provider for all
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  • To be your trusted brand for quality shelving products

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