Atlas Shelving (Extra Heavy-Duty Boltless Steel Shelving)

Atlas Shelving System is heavy duty steel shelving with an incredibly easy setup, requiring no nuts, bolts or screws! Only takes 5 minutes to put a complete unit together!!

  • The entire unit is made of Industrial strength steel. Vertical posts are almost 2-1/4″ x 2-1/4″ in 1.6 mm thickness.
  • Sturdy and tough – does not wobble when assembled – rated for 500 lbs per shelf capacity evenly distributed!
  • Fully adjustable & configurable, add as many shelf levels and add-on units as you can fit in your space.
  • Dove grey, smooth high-quality powder paint coating is durable & incredibly easy to clean.
  • The units are very pleasing to the eye – great looking even for office and retail use.
  • Completely smooth shelf levels make it easy to slide items around unlike wire grid shelving which can snag easily.
  • Assembles in minutes with no special tools required.

Shelving Depot Products: Atlas Shelving

Quality and strength — These are the hallmarks of Shelving Depot. For years, we have been producing, tailoring, and delivering excellent products right to your home and institution. With our custom made solutions, we present you the Atlas Shelving System. This product is characterized as an extra heavy-duty boltless steel shelving.

Atlas Shelving System

The Atlas Shelving System is a heavy-duty boltless steel shelving with an amazing easy set up that only takes up to 5 minutes! Since it does not require nuts or screws — as the name suggests — store and organize your items in no time! Here are some other features that you should know about this product.


The product offers various units differing in weight and sizes. But, all of which are made of industrial-strength steel. In contrast to commercial steel, the former is twice as strong as the latter. Add to that is that it can be used in surroundings and applications where it could take tons of heavy poundings and beatings without having marks and dents.


The product shows firmness and ruggedness. The units are weighed where per self capacity is rated for 500 lbs. It does not wobble when it’s assembled.


However style or format you may deem it necessary, the product is fully adjustable and adaptive. Depending on your preference, add as many shelf levels and add-on units that could fit the space.


Shelving Depot practices ethical environmental policies. The product’s colour is dove grey, which is made from a smooth, high-quality powder paint coating. Hence, this makes the shelf durable and easy to clean. There is no need for brushes and liquid cleaners as the rack can be cleaned through a simple wipe. 


Due to its simpleness, the product’s design makes it very pleasing to the eye. It both suits office area and retail use. With the use and help of powder paint coating, the smooth surface of each shelf helps you slide your materials easy and quickly. As compared to the wire grid shelving, it could hitch your stuff.

Why choose industrial boltless shelving products

When we say ‘industrial strength’, we mean ‘very strong’ and ‘powerful’. In the realm of retails and office sites, boltless shelving products are the ideal heavy duty shelving solutions. As the name implies, they don’t need screws for assemblage. 

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