Designed to fit with our Kwikerect shelving units, these add-on steel shelves are the perfect solution for increasing storage space without having to totally overhaul your current shelving options. Each shelf is equipped with four compression clips to securely hold the shelves in place to prevent damage to your items or shelves. Browse our selection of different sizes and types below.

Additional Steel Shelves – 18″ Deep

Additional Steel Shelves – 24″ Deep

The Additional Shelves You Need

Having more storage space is one of the most satisfying things ever! With more storage space, you do not need to worry about fitting all your stuff on the same shelf. If you already have our Kwikerect shelving units, you should definitely purchase additional shelves.  

The best thing about additional steel shelves is that it is specially designed to increase your storage space without dismantling the other shelves. All you need to do is to use the four compression clips to secure it. Here are the two types of additional steel shelves: 

18” Deep 

This shelf is recommended if you bought an open or close 18” Kwikerect unit. It is on the smaller or average side but still does the work. It is also recommended if you do not need a huge increase in your storage space. 

24” Deep 

This shelf is recommended if you bought an open or close 24” Kwikerect unit. It offers a larger storage area and is recommended for storing boxes and other huge items. The best thing about this shelf is that it can support heavy boxes.  

Note: When buying additional shelves, make sure that it will fit your Kwikerect unit. 

Advantages of Using Steel Shelves 

It might not be obvious but using steel shelves saves you a lot of fortune. This is because it can last longer. As a matter of fact, steel shelves are not only popular in the construction industry, it is also widely used as a piece of additional furniture. Steel shelves are also used by those who have an online business.  

Here are the other reasons why you should use steel shelving: 

Item Visibility 

The best thing about using steel shelves is that you can easily see the item you need. In fact, you can easily spot if you already need to declutter or rearrange. 

Safer Storage 

If you have vulnerable items, it is best to store them on steel shelves. This is because the shelves are more sturdy and can support heavy items. 


You do not need to worry about the shelves slowly losing its shape or corrosion because it is made of aluminium stainless steel. You also do not need to wipe the dirt from time to time because its material does not accumulate dirt that much. 

Temperature Resistance 

The best thing about using steel shelves is that it is temperature resistant. It can withstand any temperature. You do not need to worry about the steel slowly losing its durability due to heat. 


With steel shelves, you can easily customize where to put the shelves. You can also easily adjust it depending on how big the box or item is. You can also have extra storage by adding more shelves.  You will never go wrong with the steel shelves of Shelving Depot. Aside from the guaranteed durability, it is also offered at an affordable price. What are you waiting for? Get your own steel shelf now!